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    5 Financial Tips for College Freshmen

    You’ve picked out your dorm decorations, emailed your roommate, and printed out your class schedule and campus map. But, you’re not really ready for freshman year unless you’ve considered your finances! Here are five tips to get you off on the right financial foot for the next four years and beyond...

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    Cirque du Floyd

    On August 16-17, local and regional performance artists will converge at Chantilly Farm in Floyd County for the third annual Cirque du Floyd. The two-day event showcases some of the most talented regional circus artists ranging from jugglers and hoopers, to acrobats and magicians. Stage performers, buskers, musicians and interactive schtick will be enjoyed by patrons throughout the weekend...

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    Your Body is Asking for a Break

    Maybe we can understand on an intellectual level we’re all a little maxed out, but these 5 bodily signs can present themselves even if we think we’re not stressed. Everyone hears the word “stress” and envisions a different picture. And everyone’s 100% looks a little different, but allow me to do a very watered down version of human physiology for you...

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    Become a Conscious Consumer

    For at least the last twenty years, people have searched for the best bargains to add to their closet every season. Clothes are discarded in giant trash bags from closets every few months in the pursuit of something new. At some point, many consumers stopped paying critical attention to the items with frayed threads that hit clearance racks after a few hundred people tried them on in the dressing room...

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    Wake Up Refreshed

    Instead of waking with dread to face another hectic morning, consider these tips for a healthier way to ease into your daily rituals. While these activities may require you to allow extra time, you may be pleased with the productive results...

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    Jazz in July… in Salem!

    Summer is in full swing. And that means one of our annual summer music traditions: Jazz in July at Longwood Park in Salem. Bring your chairs, a blanket and a picnic for some of the area's best Jazz music!