Bustle Textiles

One woman’s passion helps families preserve their most important keepsakes. 


Ashley Webb, owner of Bustle Textiles, has been fascinated with textiles and fabrics since childhood. A 6th grade trip to the historic Maymont Museum in Richmond, Virginia sparked her interest. As she began to plan out her career, her enthusiasm for textiles led her to pursue internships with museums as a college student. She later received her Masters of Arts in Museum Studies from Bournemouth University, and has over ten years of experience as a Museum Collections Specialist. Currently, she works as the Curator of Collections and Exhibitions for the Historical Society of Western Virginia. 

“They have a massive and fantastic collection,” she says of the Historical Society, “including a wedding dress from the 1870s. The waist was 21 inches! Making a mannequin for that dress was really difficult.” 

Of course, there is a bit of magic in the challenge for Webb. Thus, her love of preservation and sharing meaningful pieces with the community has gradually translated into something larger. 

Within the past year, she has started taking clients for her own business, Bustle Textiles. Described as a “museum quality preservation” service, she works with everything from wedding dresses and costumes to ephemera. She hopes that, with her museum background, she can help customers take better care of their items and preserve them properly for generations to come. 

Webb’s preservation techniques include acid-free, museum quality materials. She does not use cardboard or plastic, and the items are not sealed. Her barrier board-free boxes allow the textiles to breathe, and provide access so customers can view the items when they choose. She knows that even something as simple as accessibility, when overlooked, can have disastrous repercussions down the road. 

“A customer’s daughter was getting married earlier this year, so she pulled her dress out from storage for her daughter to try on,” she recalls. “It had been boxed for 25 years, so she didn’t think anything of it when she didn’t recognize any of the details, but after her daughter put it on, she realized that it wasn’t her dress! The dry cleaner that had cleaned and preserved it after she got married switched her dress with another bride’s and never knew the difference.” 

At Bustle, attention to detail is part of the process from beginning to end. A personalized dust cover, which can be monogrammed, is provided to each customer in the color of their choosing. Customers receive white gloves to handle their dress and a Mylar sleeve to include a photograph of their wedding or newspaper clipping. 

Webb is currently taking clients by appointment only. You can find out more about Bustle Textiles and how to make an appoint 

Hayleigh is a freelance writer, independent author, and writing consultant. In 2017, she published her first novel, The Huntsman: A modern retelling of Red Riding Hood. She spends a lot of time traveling and exploring new regions for inspiration, but Roanoke will always be her home. www.hayleighworgan.com 

The Spa & Adventure Center at Hotel Roanoke

The Spa & Adventure Center is now open on the main level of Hotel Roanoke! Virginia’s Blue Ridge is known worldwide for its culture, scenic beauty and outdoor recreation. Now you can combine it all for one fabulous experience! 

The Spa invites you to escape to a place of calm, serenity and well-being. You can experience services like an ancient minerals foot soak and massage at Salt Foot Sanctuary (open to hotel guests and the public!) and therapeutic massages (only available to hotel guests). Both are healing and relaxing experiences. 

Salt Foot Sanctuary is a shared experience centered around luxurious handmade foot soaks. You’ll select nourishing ingredients and then sit back and relax in plush chairs outfitted with comfy pillows and a warm neck wrap. (Choose additional pampering by adding one the massages during the soak.) Soaks are made with natural ancient minerals combined with essential oils and other nourishing ingredients, including Blue Ridge Mountain salt. 

Finally, the Adventure Center can complete your experience by allowing you to explore and discover the Roanoke Valley and Virginia’s Blue Ridge region by offering several food and cultural tours, as well as their fun brewery tours and outdoor recreation tours to attractions all over the region. The Adventure Center can help you plan and book the perfect outing or activity for you and your entire group. 


Rituals for Everyday

From the authors of Self-Care For the Real World, comes a new guide full of simple daily rituals to help you slow down the pace of modern life. 

We all want a more calm and spacious way of living, but we are often unsure of how to step off the crazy treadmill of day-to-day routines and responsibilities. Wellness pioneers Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips have learned through years of practice that simple rituals can help you slow down the pace of modern life and re-center yourself. Rituals for Every Day shares Nadia and Katia’s easy-to-follow step-by-step advice. 

“A manual for everyone about real health from the inside out,” praised Reese Witherspoon. Through engaging in small, simple, and reflective routines, you can let these basic, everyday rituals bring you back to yourself. For more details visit www.nadiannarain.com.

Save Smarter

3 Factors Women Need to Consider When Planning for Retirement

Article courtesy of Member One Federal Credit Union

Men and women share similar goals for retirement: security, a comfortable lifestyle, time with family, and hopefully a nice vacation here or there. But, the journey toward that goal can differ for women, who need to take into account a few unique factors including lifespan, lifetime earnings, and a traditionally more conservative approach to investing. Women do face distinct challenges and will generally need to save significantly more than men. However, the good news is that women tend to be more disciplined savers and more active participants in employer-sponsored retirement plans. Combine those traits with some careful strategy and consider these three factors as you map out your plans for your post-employment future. 


Statistically, women tend to outlive men, and that could mean your savings will need to last years longer than a man’s. Start saving as early as possible. Take advantage of employer-matching and aim to max out your 401(k) contributions if you have access to this type of plan. If your job doesn’t provide a retirement plan, you’re not without options. Start saving with a traditional or Roth IRA account, both of which are easy to open at your local credit union or bank. Many women are self-employed, and those who are can also consider a solo 401(k) or a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA. Additionally, consider purchasing long-term care insurance when you reach your fifties or sixties. 

Wage gap and fewer working years. 

Even today, the gender pay gap exists in many industries. Not only that, but women are more likely to take career breaks in order to raise children or care for elderly parents. A major step you can take both for your present and future financial security is to make sure you’re earning what you deserve—learn to research your value and to negotiate with current and potential employers. And, if your earnings stalled while you were caring for kids or other family members, know that you can make “catch up” contributions to retirement accounts after age 50. 

Greater risk aversion. 

Studies have suggested that women tend to invest more conservatively compared to men. That means lower exposure to risk and loss of wealth—but on the other side of the coin, it can also mean lost opportunities and lower gains. While you’re younger and further away from your target retirement age, it can make sense to be a bit more aggressive with your investing. As you get closer to retirement, err more conservatively with your investments. Consider working with a professional financial advisor to create a retirement strategy that works for you: one with the right balance of more secure options like money markets and share certificates/certificates of deposit, along with potentially higher-reward options like stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. With their help, you can decide on the right risk/reward ratio to secure the retirement lifestyle that you want to lead. 

Join Member One here each month for more money-saving tips and financial advice! Be sure to visit their website, www.memberonefcu.com, for more info on their products and services. Member One Federal Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. 

How to Become Your Best Self

Now is the time to turn your dream into reality.

Ask yourself… are you truly who you want to be? Is this the life you really want? Are you living each day as your best self ? What can you change today? 

How would you answer those questions? Think about your daily life. Are you thriving, or going through the motions? Are your days full of work, relationships and activities that are true to your authentic self or do you feel trapped on a treadmill of responsibility? If you dream of a better life, now is the time to turn your dream into reality. 

The tools you need to design a life that is fulfilling on the deepest levels are within your grasp. Written by Mike Bayer, known to the thousands of clients whose lives he has changed as Coach Mike, Best Self can show you how. 

Bayer has helped everyone from pop stars to business executives to people just like you discover the freedom to be their best selves. By asking them and leading them to ask themselves a series of important but tough questions, such as “What are your core values?,” “Do you go to bed each day more knowledgeable than when you woke up?” and “Am I neglecting some aspect of my physical health out of fear or denial?,” he helps them see what their best selves and anti-selves really look like. As a mental health specialist, a personal development coach and an all-around change agent, Bayer has seen the amazing ways in which lives can improve with honesty and clarity. He understands the daily struggles people face intimately, because he’s faced—and overcome—his own, and he knows that change is possible. 

By working through each of the “Seven Spheres of Life”—Social, Personal, Health, Education, Relationships, Employment and Spiritual Development—Best Self is an accessible and interactive book that distills all of Bayer’s wisdom into a compact, focused guide that can ignite your desire for change. 

The Seven Spheres of Life: 

Social – Take a look at your social life in terms of your communication skills and dive into how you feel in your own skin when interacting with others. 

Personal – In attempting to be your personal best self, work to have an abundance of respect and compassion for yourself. Take care of yourself by nurturing an authentic, positive self-image to see benefits reach other spheres of your life. 

Health – If you’re unhealthy, it’s difficult to be your best self in other areas. The goal should be to act in your own best interests when it comes to your physical health in order to feel your best and be at your best. 

Education – Even if you didn’t enjoy school or believe you simply don’t like the process of taking in new information, you may still be thirsty for knowledge in areas that interest you on a deeper level. Find what quenches your unique interests and explore the best methods to learn in those areas. 

Relationships – From time to time, relationships can get out of balance. However, you can be proactive about doing your part to get them back to equilibrium by determining ways to control your authenticity and what you can do when those around you aren’t reflecting their own. 

Employment – Determine whether you’re acting as your best self at work just as you are at home. If you can’t be yourself at work, you may be wasting valuable time. Don’t lose yourself in a fear of trying to be something you aren’t while on the job. 

Spiritual Development – The place within you from which goodness radiates can be described as your spiritual self. It’s where you form integrity, values and treatment of other people, so focus on aligning those traits with your vision of your best self. 

Learn more about how to become your best self and take a self-assessment quiz at www.coachmikebayer.com.

College Talk

How to get your degree without all the debt.

Article courtesy of Member One Federal Credit Union

American college grads now collectively owe about $1.5 trillion in student loans—and nearly two-thirds of that debt is held by women. While it’s true that more women than men are now attending college, on a student-per-student basis, women are borrowing more than men—and may face a harder time paying that debt off, given the gender wage gap that continues to exist. College can still be a good investment in your future, but the less borrowed the better. Here’s what you, or the college-bound young woman in your life, can do to help minimize student debt. 

Stay open-minded when choosing a college. 

Many families go by “sticker price” when deciding on a school, but that can be a mistake because the published tuition may not be what you’re expected to pay. Some pricy private schools actually have more available aid to offer to qualified, less affluent students. On the other hand, don’t assume that a bigger tuition bill equals a better education. Many state schools today offer quality degree programs comparable to the big names. Apply to a mix of public and private colleges and favor the school that offers you the best financial aid package. And don’t overlook community colleges. Two years at one of the 23 schools in the Virginia community college system can save you tens of thousands in tuition. 

Appeal your financial aid. 

Many families don’t realize that a financial aid offer is potentially negotiable. We’ve all heard that women are less likely than men to negotiate, so here’s a chance to change that. If your preferred college offers you a financial aid package that’s insufficient, let them know that you’d love to enroll but need more help making it affordable. If another school has offered you a better aid package, mention that and ask your dream school whether they’d be able to match it. 

Keep hustling. 

Working through college doesn’t have to be detrimental to grades, and it can actually be an opportunity to gain career-relevant skills for the future. Work-study programs are convenient because they’re on campus and allow student employees to tackle homework during downtime. Co-operative education programs provide structured work experiences where students gain real-world knowledge while getting paid and earning college credit. And don’t forget, college is a great time to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit! Modcloth’s Susan Gregg Koger is one example of a female entrepreneur who got started in her dorm room. 

Make scholarship searching a priority. 

Yes, finding and applying to scholarships takes work—so treat it like a job because it can potentially pay very well. Every dollar you’re awarded in scholarships is potentially one less dollar you’ll have to borrow. Dedicate at least a few hours each week to scholarship applications, and look for opportunities in creative places where you might face less competition. Think community organizations you belong to, your parents’ employers, or even your local bank or credit union. 

Join Member One here each month for more money-saving tips and financial advice! Be sure to visit their website, www.memberonefcu.com, for more info on their products and services. Member One Federal Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. 

Love, Soulmates & Chemistry

Why you are the only one who can write your formula for success.

Written by SUSAN SPARKS 

I wrote something this morning for a media interview and I immediately thought to myself, “Wow, I have to write about this and I have to talk about this, like RIGHT NOW.” So many of us, like me, are serious romantics in life. We think about things like love, soulmates, and chemistry. When I fell in love with my husband at age 21, I was sure that he was my soulmate. In fact I had no doubt. 

So this morning I’m writing up some notes for a media interview and I am being asked to give advice to young adults about avoiding domestic abuse and I write this: This person is not your soulmate if they are making you unhappy. This person is blocking you from meeting your soulmate if they are making you unhappy. 

And I literally stopped writing and thought: Oh my gosh, this is so true! Why did I never see it like this before? 

As young adults, as older adults, at any age, I think we get so caught up in meeting our soulmates that we assume that it is a one-time chance. But I think the point that we may be missing is this: how can they be our soulmates if they are making us miserable? If they are abusing us? If they are changing us into someone else? That really wouldn’t be a soulmate right? In fact, that would be a person taking time up out of your life while you could actually be happy, be living a life free of abuse, and being the person that you were actually meant to be, right? 

So, who is this person that felt like your soulmate? I’ve said many times that abusers seem to have a trait in common, and that is extraordinary charisma. So, there’s no doubt in my mind now that what I felt for my then-husband was a whole lot of chemistry. He was attractive, exciting, and seemed like a great guy! And I felt that chemistry for a long time. Over time, that electric energy went from something that thrilled me in the early years to something that felt like a shock collar in the end. But, the energy never left the situation. I was trapped like a lab rat in an experiment gone wrong. Oh yes, the chemistry. 

And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you are reading this and nodding your head in agreement, right? He was so great, so exciting, so everything. Now he is scary, and larger than life, and you’re probably thinking: this energy is bigger than I am, now what the hell do I do? And you’re right. It most oftentimes is bigger than you are. But that does not mean that you are trapped, it just means that you need help getting out. That’s why the experts are here. That’s why I write what I write. Because you need to know that help is right here in front of you. 

Are you in love with your abuser? Of course, you probably are. I was. We fall in love with people who seem amazing, seem like our soulmates, and we can feel the chemistry from across the room. But then, over time, things change right in front of our eyes and we are in a new situation that we never saw coming. So how could it possibly be our faults? It’s not. Not yours, not mine, it’s just not. But it does help to understand that we are not in love with our soulmates. We are in love with someone who is taking time out of our lives and who is getting in the way of us meeting someone who, one day, we will learn is our actual soulmate and will make us happier than we have ever been before. Ever. 

I know you might not see that today. If someone had told me all this when I was still inside my destructive relationship, I would have felt like slamming a door in their face. In fact, when I left I swore I would never date again. Now, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Because every time I meet a new man I get to decide if he is going to bring me joy, or chemistry, or be someone that I do not want to share my time with. Then I react accordingly, and I stay or I walk away. All my decisions are mine to make now. In every aspect of my life. And you have the right to make those decisions for yourself, too. 

For more information on surviving domestic abuse visit www.TheSoda-Pop.com

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or domestic violence PLEASE call THE NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE at: 1-800-799-7233 or visit for more information, help, and to make a plan for your safety. 

Susan Sparks is a twenty year victim and six year survivor of domestic abuse (SODA™). Her reporting has been seen on national network news and her writing has been featured on national media. She is an expert on YourTang.com and has been featured on The National Domestic Violence Hotline (thehotline.org). She has written a book about her experiences with domestic abuse, Sparks in Love, which she hopes will serve as both an educational and cautionary tale to everyone who reads it. Susan is currently working on three other books to further the cause and hopes to bring Sparks in Love to television this year. www.thesoda-pop.com

Treat Varicose Veins This Winter to Ensure Vacation Bliss Next Summer

Article courtesy of Jefferson Surgical Clinic

Frigid winter temperatures promote office daydreams featuring temperate vacation getaways and cocktails at sunset. Although you’re more consumed this time of year with clearing snow-covered sidewalks than strolling white sandy beaches, those bungalow dreams will be a reality before you know it and if you are one of many suffering with spider and varicose veins, now is the optimal time to prepare for swimsuit season. 

Wintertime may just be the right time to consider summertime. Before you are ready to show off your legs on the beach, consider getting those aging veins treated and made more beautiful for the oncoming summer. Allow yourself plenty of time for treatment of your spider veins. 

Varicose veins are enlarged, visible, and sometimes uncomfortable veins typically found in the legs and feet. Varicose veins show noticeable enlargement due to the pressure caused by increased blood flow and prolonged standing and sitting postures. And while you are probably thinking about parkas and not swimsuits this time of year, winter is the ideal season to consider relief from varicose veins. 

Thomas D. Conlee, M.D.

Thomas D. Conlee, M.D., of Jefferson Surgical Clinic is one of the region’s recognized vascular and general surgeons, as well as a local leader on the identification and treatment of varicose veins. “For many of the patients I’ve treated, varicose veins are cosmetic concerns that keep them from showing their legs in public,” said Dr. Conlee. 

Although it is common for patients to address varicose veins later in life, damaged veins can also be controlled and treated at a younger age before they are permitted to develop into a more aggravated situation. Additionally, circumstances that encourage the development of varicose veins include transitional life moments common with younger women, including pregnancy. 

“I find that younger patients put off treating the issue. But with today’s advanced technology, the solution is simple, fast, and effective. There is really no reason to live with spider and varicose veins,” remarked Dr. Conlee. “The relief that our minimally invasive endovenous laser ablation procedure delivers is quick. Patients appreciate the simplicity of the procedure and their speedy recovery.” 

Jefferson Surgical Clinic physicians use the Dornier Laser. The technology is safe and highly effective. Utilizing short, high-energy pulses, the laser quickly seals the vein with minimal discomfort. It’s very gentle to skin and safe for all skin types, including darker skin. 

“I know people hear ‘laser’ and become anxious; however, the technology allows us to perform these complex procedures with only local anesthesia, like Novocaine, and virtually no post-operative recovery time. Endovenous laser ablation greatly reduces swelling, heaviness, and alleviates pain or discomfort you may be experiencing from varicose veins,” said Dr. Conlee. 

The benefits of treating varicose veins, no matter your age, range from physical relief from pain to improved self-esteem. Don’t wait. Treatment is simple, minimally invasive, and best completed in the winter months to allow the proper amount of healing before you swap the winter closet with your spring-summer wardrobe. 

Since opening in 1956, Jefferson Surgical Clinic continues to grow and implement leading-edge technology in every area of practice. We strive to serve the Roanoke Valley by providing accomplished physicians who provide personalized medicine and innovative treatment options by staff that is committed to providing exceptional service. www.jeffersonsurgical.com 

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