Get Organized!

Keeping track of appointments by recording them in a planner allows us to see our lives from a more holistic point of view and reflect on our goals both accomplished and left unfinished. With that in mind, we compiled a list of our favorite planners to help you stay both organized and focused: The Emily Ley […]

Back-To-School Foods

It’s back-to-school season and Liz Bushong has some great tips for parents who want to create healthy lunches for their kids. For example, give your children ownership in the process of making their lunch selections. It will encourage them to eat healthy and teach personal responsibility. Buy six clear storage containers or baskets. Label each […]

Hunters Become the Hunted

My real estate karma is kicking back at me. After years of indiscriminately looking at properties, my husband Arthur and I now have our house on the market. Until we renovated the kitchen and master bath and opened our house up to strangers, real estate was my hobby, my sport, my escape. What fun I […]

Those That Mourn Must Not Give Up

As we remember and celebrate the life and accomplishments of Robin Williams, it is important to take a few things away from his tragic death. Suicide. Depression. When did these words become so taboo that those being crushed under the weight of such thoughts felt forced to deny them? To be so ashamed of their […]

The Lindee Tree: College Life

You have been nurturing, coaching, teaching and preparing your child for this pivotal moment. The grand entry into adulthood. College. It is a big transition for everyone and moving this big, new life into a tiny space can be challenging! I wanted a one stop shop to make this process easy, affordable and comfortable. I […]

Words of Wisdom

Your age, your gender, your physical strength—none of it matters if you are not aware of your surroundings, how to prevent an attack, or how to defend yourself if you are attacked. Women (and men) fall victim to assault every day. Staying informed on tactics to prevent assault and ways to defend yourself could save […]