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    Indie Bookstores

    Virginia has no shortage of fantastic indie bookstores spread across the state, nestled in towns and communities. If you haven’t already visited one, perhaps it’s time.

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    Back to Basics: The Good Living School

    With an ever growing focus on living more sustainably while reducing our consumption and waste an upcoming local event is offering instructionals on how to provide some basic needs right in our own backyards. The urgent call for global climate action leaves many of us asking, what can we do to lessen our impact on Mother Earth?

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    Save Smarter

    According to a study by popular wedding website, The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in the United States now exceeds $30,000. Even if you don’t plan on getting anywhere near that number for your big day, a wedding is still a major expense for most of us. But you can make budgeting and saving for your wedding more manageable with a dedicated account and scheduled, automatic saving.

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    Old Farm Road Creations

    For Sarah, the connection to her community and those who support Old Farm Road Creations, is the most important and enjoyable part of her endeavor. Her products are budget-friendly, and perfect customizable gifts for all of the things you have to celebrate in the months to come!

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    Everyday Brave: Starting a Blog

    Whenever I tell someone I have a blog, I get a lot of responses. Often, I hear “Oh! I’ve thought about starting a blog, but...but I wouldn’t know where to start...but I don’t know what to write about...but I’m not very tech-savvy.” That makes me laugh a little because—well, if I can do it, trust me, anyone can.

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    Bustle Textiles

    Ashley Webb, owner of Bustle Textiles, has been fascinated with textiles and fabrics since childhood. A 6th grade trip to the historic Maymont Museum in Richmond, Virginia sparked her interest. As she began to plan out her career, her enthusiasm for textiles led her to pursue internships with museums as a college student.

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    Rituals for Everyday

    From the authors of Self-Care For the Real World, comes a new guide full of simple daily rituals to help you slow down the pace of modern life.  We all want a more calm and spacious way of living, but we are often unsure of how to step off the crazy treadmill of day-to-day routines and responsibilities. Wellness pioneers Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips have learned through years of practice that simple rituals can help you slow down the pace of modern life and re-center yourself. Rituals for Every Day shares Nadia and Katia’s easy-to-follow step-by-step advice.  “A manual for everyone about real health from the inside out,” praised…