Anne Vaughan Designs

Floyd-based business has blossomed into a nationwide company

Written by Hayleigh Worgan

Anne Vaughan Designs offers unique and affordable jewelry pieces to customers in over 300 stores across the nation. Their bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are created by artisan makers in the Blue Ridge Mountains. These memorable designs may travel far and wide, but the heart of the work remains rooted in the Roanoke and New River Valley! The venture began nearly fifteen years ago, when a brave mother chose to pursue her dreams.

In 2006, Anne Vaughan established the business in the basement of her home in Floyd, Virginia. It flourished as her creations found an audience at local events and her booth at the City Market in downtown Roanoke.

“I’ve always been a creative person,” Anne explains. “I used to paint, and I made jewelry in high school. I had one child, and I knew I was going to stay home. I wanted to do something that would be fulfilling and potentially add a little income to our household.”

As the business grew, Anne’s husband, Aaron, continued working full-time and helped Anne on the weekends. He assisted Anne in the creation of her displays, and he taught himself print and web marketing to help build the business. Their investment of time and energy paid off, and the couple were eventually able to hire their first part-time employees. 

To fill the off-season between shows, Anne and Aaron began looking into wholesale opportunities. They purchased second-hand mannequins, and Anne was inspired to begin creating layered collections and established a foundation on which she could demonstrate the cohesion of her work. Through this presentation, business owners were able to digest the collections differently and several partnerships were born.

Anne and Aaron add that the support of the community in the Roanoke and New River Valley has built their business into what it is today, and it allows them to pursue their passions while providing for their family. Today, the couple continues to build their business while balancing family life. They are surrounded by the beautiful Floyd landscape and find inspiration in the open, airy space of their new studio in Floyd’s Innovation Center. 

As the business grows, Anne’s creative process is influenced by everything from textiles and landscapes to her mood when she approaches a new design. Recently, she has enjoyed working with leather, and has worked to incorporate it into her favorite color palette, Fall Jubilee! This look pairs black with oranges and turquoise for a vibrant feel that brings each piece to life. 

Anne also listens to her customers, and creates some designs with their feedback in mind. However, she isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of design, and often adds new elements to her work.

“We have some established collections that maybe last into the next year, and some that only last about six months. There are always new creations and collections coming out,” Aaron adds.

For more information on Anne Vaughan Designs, visit www.annevaughandesigns.com. You can also find them at several local events this fall. Look for their booth at Olde Salem Days on September 14, at The Craftsmen’s Classic Art & Craft Festival on October 11-13, and at The Stocked Market on November 8-10. Between events, find their work at the Vintage Vault in Salem and the Troika Contemporary Craft Gallery in Floyd. Stay updated with their latest designs and locations by following Anne Vaughan Designs on Facebook (AnneVaughanDesigns) and Instagram (@annevaughandesigns). www.annevaughandesigns.com


Hayleigh is a freelance writer, independent author, and writing consultant. In 2017, she published her first novel. She spends a lot of time traveling and exploring new regions for inspiration, but Roanoke will always be her home. www.hayleighworgan.com