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    Save Smarter

    Men and women share similar goals for retirement: security, a comfortable lifestyle, time with family, and hopefully a nice vacation here or there. But, the journey toward that goal can differ for women, who need to take into account a few unique factors including lifespan, lifetime earnings, and a traditionally more conservative approach to investing.

  • Bella Finds,  Mind•Body•Soul

    How to Become Your Best Self

    Now is the time to turn your dream into reality. Ask yourself… are you truly who you want to be? Is this the life you really want? Are you living each day as your best self ? What can you change today?  How would you answer those questions? Think about your daily life. Are you thriving, or going through the motions? Are your days full of work, relationships and activities that are true to your authentic self or do you feel trapped on a treadmill of responsibility? If you dream of a better life, now is the time to turn your dream into reality.  The tools you need to design…

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    College Talk

    How to get your degree without all the debt. Article courtesy of Member One Federal Credit Union American college grads now collectively owe about $1.5 trillion in student loans—and nearly two-thirds of that debt is held by women. While it’s true that more women than men are now attending college, on a student-per-student basis, women are borrowing more than men—and may face a harder time paying that debt off, given the gender wage gap that continues to exist. College can still be a good investment in your future, but the less borrowed the better. Here’s what you, or the college-bound young woman in your life, can do to help minimize…

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    Love, Soulmates & Chemistry

    Why you are the only one who can write your formula for success. Written by SUSAN SPARKS  I wrote something this morning for a media interview and I immediately thought to myself, “Wow, I have to write about this and I have to talk about this, like RIGHT NOW.” So many of us, like me, are serious romantics in life. We think about things like love, soulmates, and chemistry. When I fell in love with my husband at age 21, I was sure that he was my soulmate. In fact I had no doubt.  So this morning I’m writing up some notes for a media interview and I am being…

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    Treat Varicose Veins This Winter to Ensure Vacation Bliss Next Summer

    Article courtesy of Jefferson Surgical Clinic Frigid winter temperatures promote office daydreams featuring temperate vacation getaways and cocktails at sunset. Although you’re more consumed this time of year with clearing snow-covered sidewalks than strolling white sandy beaches, those bungalow dreams will be a reality before you know it and if you are one of many suffering with spider and varicose veins, now is the optimal time to prepare for swimsuit season.  Wintertime may just be the right time to consider summertime. Before you are ready to show off your legs on the beach, consider getting those aging veins treated and made more beautiful for the oncoming summer. Allow yourself plenty…

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    Save Smarter: Get Financially Fit for 2019

    Make these four financial resolutions now to start your year off strong.  Presented by Member One Federal Credit Union It’s January and the gyms are full—we hope you’re making good progress on your new year’s wellness resolutions so far. But there’s another type of fitness you should also be focusing on at the start of 2019: your financial fitness. Flex your money muscles for the new year with these goals.  1. Strengthen your savings. If you don’t currently have an emergency savings fund—or you do but it’s looking a bit scrawny—this needs to be a top priority. Many financial experts recommend stashing three to six months’ worth of necessary expenses…

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    Make 2019 Your Best Year!

    Plan, create and grow your shining life in 2019! Discover the original and best goals workbook on the market—used by over 300,000 women worldwide with incredible results!  Are you ready for 2019 to be your most incredible year yet? What started 10 years ago as a small goals workbook, My Shining Year Life Workbook has become a wildly popular and powerful cult hit— and simply the best planning tool available to help you achieve your personal goals. Revamped and revitalized, the workbook will laser-focus you on exactly what you need to make your dreams come true.  With proven and actionable guidance, author Leonie Dawson will inspire you to create meaningful,…

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    The Magic of Tiny Business

    You don’t have to ‘go big’ to make a great living.  Too many of us feel trapped by work that keeps us from living our purpose. We fantasize about stating our own business, yet we’re warned against falling into debt, working eighty hours a week, and coping with the pressure to grow. Eco-Bags Products (maker of our favorite reusable cotton net bags) founder Sharon Rowe says there’s another way: go tiny!  Like a tiny house, a tiny business is built on maintaining focus on what is essential by living an intentional life. As an entrepreneur and mother, Rowe is most concerned with putting family first, maintaining financial security, and doing…