Bakeology: Delicious Natural Snacks

We can give you a long list of reasons to fall in love with Bakeology.
Their delightful cookie bites are made with organic coconut oil, organic flax seeds, and other various pure ingredients that will help satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy fashion. Don’t be surprised if you feel a natural energy buzz after eating a couple of cookies!
Creators Dawn and Sasha (a fabulous mother/daughter team) began
Bakeology with the desire to share their home baked, pure creations with everyone. They believe that the experience of enjoying a cookie should never be marred by unnatural chemicals often used to lengthen shelf life.
Their website also devotes an entire section to yummy recipes from the mother/daughter pair that you can create in your own home– including this one for brownie bites that we will be making multiple times for the upcoming fall/winter seasons!
Order their cookie bites here— seriously, they will change your afternoon (or morning!) snack experience forever!



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