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The Pixie Cut

Anne Hathaway. Michelle Williams. Natalie Portman. Miley Cyrus. Charlize Theron. Emma Watson. These are all gorgeous celebrities who have gone the way of the Pixie cut-or some variation of it.

Have you been tempted by all these cute cuts to go short? There are a lot of benefits with short hair. Super fast blow dry time & styling time, you’ll use less product and more options with your hair color.

Written by Tanya Ritz

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Summer Must Haves

The hottest must haves for you this summer!

  • Long but lightweight maxi skirts! Such an effortless way to look cute!
  • Vibrant monokinis!
  • A statement leather purse with metal chain strap
  • Funky nail designs to match your bikini
  • Anything chevron stripe
  • A good pair of sunglasses in the sun! Protect those beauties!

Written by Emily Burnette

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Protect Your Hair

The month of July is filled with a lot of summer occasions- barbecues, Fourth of July festivities, and many choose to take their vacations during this month.

For fun in the sun we all know that sunscreen is a must. But what about for your hair color? The suns rays are also harmful to your color & will cause fading.

If you’re swimming in a pool, the harsh chemicals can strip your hair color & even cause a greenish tone to develop if exposed to the chemicals for long. And even though the salt from the ocean can give us a nice texture, it can also be drying & may cause fading as well.

Written by Tanya Ritz

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Happy Accessories

As seen in our April issue…

The Sol Tote by Optari makes your life easier – and happier. The practical all-weather tote is specially designed for dozens of uses – pool or beach bag, a gym tote, lunch and diaper bag. Made with material similar to crocs, the tote is durable, waterproof and super easy to clean.

Not only is it bright and soft, you can also customize each bag with Fobbz or Mini Fobbz – cool charms (that feature a rivet in the back which plugs into the holes on lots of Optari products) making items unique and more fun!

Optari provides totes, children’s backpacks, wristlets, Spikeletz bracelets and more in many colors and spiky designs. Here’s a chance for you Bella Girls (and Fellas!) to win a small Sol Tote, plus two Fobbz! To win, simply comment on this post. One winner will be chosen at random.

Check out for more information.


Emerald Green

As featured in our March issue…

Green is not just for St. Patrick’s Day. The Pantone Color Institute has crowned emerald green as 2013’s “Color of the Year” — pleasing fashion mavens and leprechauns alike!

Taking over for Tangerine Tango (oh-so 2012!), emerald is set to make a splash this year in styles everywhere — from head to toe, eyelids to home décor, and more.

“Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the color of beauty and new life in many cultures and religions. Also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity, no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity,” reports

So, how do you use the color of the year to represent something new for you? From daring to demure, emerald can be incorporated into tons of daily looks. For those who want all-in on the trend, try a sparkling sheath in the luxurious shade to brighten any party instantly (try channeling Angelina Jolie at the 2011 Golden Globes—that shade was a knockout!).

Or how about a pair of green jeans or ankle-length cigarette pants for the weekend, or a more casual office day where you still want to make an impact? Emerald pairs well with gray, dark berry, clean white, and cobalt blue — so try a crisp button down in one of those shades to complete the look.

Not feeling a whole-body emerald excursion? Not a problem! These more subtle touches can amp up any look just as well: green eyeliner can make eyes pop, an emerald manicure looks put-together on rounded nails, and velvet loafers or sleek pumps in this rich hue are a great complement to jeans and a blazer on date night.

Try taking the color from the streets to your living room. What about adding a few emerald-hued throw pillows to a cream-colored couch or replacing your boring tea kettle with a green version? The color has an energy that can bring a room together and invigorate visitors.

Whether these ideas are your cup of tea or not, incorporate emerald into your life somehow and get gorgeous with the Color of the Year!

Red Hair Tips

As seen in our March issue…

With such a rare hair color (and fewer and fewer natural redheads), it can be difficult to choose outfit colors that enhance your natural hair color.

It is common to put redheads in green clothing– stick with it, because it works! And St. Patty’s Day doesn’t have to be the only time you show off your vibrant hair color.

Go with a contrasting kelly green top or dress (and why not try out emerald green, 2013’s color of the year!). Neutrals are also always great, and the subtleness of it makes your hair stand out.

If debating the perfect hue, be sure not to go too light with your neutral color selection as it may wash you out. A medium tan or camel color will make you look professional and put together – and leave your hair mesmerizing.

Written by Emily Burnette

All About Scarves

Vibrant, glamorous, and chic are just a few of the adjectives that describe anyone’s new favorite spring accessory: scarves!

These versatile pieces are available in every color, pattern, and shape under the sun and glam up any outfit from tanks and jeans to shorts and tees.  Scarves are no longer limited by winter and fall and easily flutter into the spring and summer months.  An airy cotton scarf is ideal for warm spring days and easily transitions into cooler nights.  It’s true – scarves are a spring staple to any girl’s closet.

Pair any vivid floral scarf with a t-shirt top and jeans and bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!  You’re instantly ready for a movie date (no fairy godmother needed).  Scarves speak for themselves and, if you play your colors right, they can bring out your eyes or add color to your cheeks!  Coral and aqua hues will compliment your new tan or give you some color during the pale to tan transition.  Scarves are an easy way to add a splash of color to any ensemble.

These accessories aren’t just for your neck; scarves can also double as head scarves, sarongs, and belts.  Depending on the width of your scarf, you can fold the scarf length-wise and wear it as a headband.  Simply tie it at the nape of your neck and let the loose ends fall down your back.  To transform your scarf into a sarong, use a large scarf and open it wide.  Place it around your hips and tie the ends together on one side.  A sheer scarf works well to create a cute and casual look for warm days at the beach or pool.  This style can easily be adjusted to make a belt, too.  Instead of opening the scarf wide, fold the scarf length-wise until you have the appropriate width.  Place the scarf around your hips or waist and tie the ends for a fresh, colorful statement.  Skinnier scarves can be pulled through belt loops and the ends can be tied into a bow.  Try this look with a pair of shorts and a vibrant tucked blouse for a chic, feminine look.

Scarves are limitless!  Check out the for more creative ways to wear your favorite spring statement.