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    5 Financial Tips for College Freshmen

    You’ve picked out your dorm decorations, emailed your roommate, and printed out your class schedule and campus map. But, you’re not really ready for freshman year unless you’ve considered your finances! Here are five tips to get you off on the right financial foot for the next four years and beyond...

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    Become a Conscious Consumer

    For at least the last twenty years, people have searched for the best bargains to add to their closet every season. Clothes are discarded in giant trash bags from closets every few months in the pursuit of something new. At some point, many consumers stopped paying critical attention to the items with frayed threads that hit clearance racks after a few hundred people tried them on in the dressing room...

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    Jefferson Center Rocks

    Continuing with its mission to enrich the community, Jefferson Center is pleased to present its 2019-2020 Performance Season. The curated season consists of world-touring artists, GRAMMY® award winners, and musicians who’ve influenced the musical landscape of today.

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    A Risk Worth Taking

    We may need to take risks in life in order to experience it to the fullest. But, we can be ready for when things don’t work out the way we hoped and planned by laying a solid foundation to fall back on.

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    Everyday Brave

    Lately I feel like I can’t go anywhere without hearing about Marie Kondo. You might feel the same. Although her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up came out years ago, it seems like her new Netflix show is generating millions of trips to local donation centers.