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Old Farm Road Creations

Sarah Huffer has worked in the nursing field for the past six years. It’s a meaningful job that she loves, but she felt something was missing in her life. In 2016, her mother purchased an embroidery machine, and the pair began to work on small projects like pillows, jackets, and shirts. Sarah realized that her missing piece was a creative outlet and, a year later, began focusing on her own designs. She purchased a Cricket and taught herself how to do screen printing. Her two passions started to overlap, and Sarah found herself creating designs that spoke to her, especially the experiences she’s had as a nurse and on nursing missions trips to Haiti.

Sarah & Donovan Huffer   PHOTO by Christian Rumley Photography

She explains, “I have a spiritual peace to my nursing practice. If I can provide items that speak to people at that level, then that is amazing to me. Some of it is funny and joking around, but mostly, I try to pick pieces that speak to my life and the way I treat my patients. I go back to the memories of Haiti a lot, because it was such a powerful experience for me. I want to put things out in the universe that are compassionate, kind, and speak to you when you look at them.”

Although Sarah creates a lot of pieces from her own inspiration, she also does custom work for clients. In the past, these projects have included special items for weddings and bachelorette parties. Clients pick a message that is special to them, and Sarah finds a creative way to share it. However, the story behind their chosen messages is just as important to Sarah as the messages themselves. 

“I’ve had folks asking for hand-lettered wooden signs, and they would pick things special to them, but I always made sure that, if I was making something, it meant something to me. I didn’t want to make lots of items and sell them for a bunch of money. I wanted to do things that were meaningful and served a purpose,” she recalls. 

For Sarah, the connection to her community and those who support Old Farm Road Creations, is the most important and enjoyable part of her endeavor. Her products are budget-friendly, and perfect customizable gifts for all of the things you have to celebrate in the months to come!

You can find Old Farm Road Creations at Layman Family Farm’s Nations Hope Vintage Market on May 18 from 9am-3pm. Proceeds from that event will go to benefit an orphanage that Sarah worked with during her time in Haiti. She will also have a spot in the Spring Craft & Vendor Show at The Berglund Center on May 4 from 9am-4pm! If you can’t make it to one of these shows, we encourage you to check out Old Farm Road Creation’s website, There, you can find everything from designs to home improvement tips! You can also follow them on Instagram @oldfarmroadcreations.

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