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Healthy Snacks: Brussel Bytes!

Looking for a healthy alternative to traditional, salty road snacks? Try something outside the realm of cheese doodles and pretzels this summer, and take a look at Brussel Bytes from Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights. These up-and-coming veggie bites can be found along the shelves of any Target or online through Wonderfully Raw’s website.

The bags ring up at $5.99, and are available in three flavors: Cheezy Herb, Chili Pumpkin Seed Crunch and Tamarind Apple Crunch. The variety of savory and sweet tastes provide customers with the option to satisfy any range of cravings–not to mention these veggies are chalked full of healthy Vitamins A and C.

cheesyfront_81f18979-c7d5-4af7-87c7-66b7323706d0_1024x1024Perfect for that extra boost while you’re out and about, settling in after a long car ride, or on the Amtrak to the city, Brussel Bytes are organic, gluten free, non-GMO and vegan-friendly. They are made with organic kale, carrots, pumpkin seeds and brussel sprouts.

Throw them in your lunch box before work or take them on a hike with friends one afternoon. Each bag provides two servings, making it a great snack to share with a hungry travel partner.

Brussel Bytes excludes additives, preservatives, stabilizers and artificial flavors from its snacks. They are made with all natural ingredients, and because of this, snacks will reach an earlier expiration date than other comparatively preserved snacks. If the snacks are not satisfactory, Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights will replace the product free of charge to guarantee freshness.


Written by Emily McCaul