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Getting Back on Track

I have a confession.

In 2015, somewhere between the trappings of convenient fast food and a juicer that was painstakingly complicated to clean, I found myself growing more comfortable with visiting my oldest and most faithful friend: the drive-thru.
I am not a huge sweets person, nor do I drink soft drinks. I thought I was safe by choosing chicken and the smaller order of fries (after all, a girl should indulge every now and then). At first, the only real difference I noticed was that my jeans were getting a little tighter. Gradually, however, I began to notice an increased sluggishness. I did my best to tackle it with more caffeine and ignore the old familiar side effects of a diet high in fats, preservatives, and other chemicals.
I’m not proud of it, but with a jam-packed schedule, it was just easier. And it would have continued, but two things saved me:

  1. root-617409_1920The official “push” was that I brought in the New Year with a cold.
    For me, juicing ginger is a healthy and inexpensive way to combat “the sniffles.” I don’t always have time to visit the doctor, and I’m not a huge fan of antibiotics when they aren’t necessary. So, I bought another juicer that is easier to clean and use. I’ve been juicing ginger, apples, carrots, cucumbers, and pears for two weeks now. In addition to eating better,  juicing and taking vitamins has helped me make sure my body has the nutrients it needs. Not only is my cold gone, but I’ve dropped a few inches from my waistline. I also have more energy.
  2. Now that I feel better, sticking to juicing isn’t always appealing. You may have noticed our new minimalism section in the January issue. As I explore the concept of minimalism, I am noticing that the discipline it requires is positively influencing other aspects of my life. Ultimately, eating healthy is a lifestyle change to which you must fully commit in order to benefit from and enjoy. I only bring good things that inspire joy into my home. There is no reason that I shouldn’t treat my body the same way.

I know there will be days when fast food creeps back into my life, but my goal is to make sure that it never becomes a habit again. This way of life is far more rewarding, and I wouldn’t trade the extra energy I have at the end of the day for anything I can get from the drive-thru window–even a small order of fries!


Written by Hayleigh Worgan

Pick up our January issue for more reasons to love minimalism, easy ways to eat healthy, and tips for staying active in cold weather! 

Product Spotlight: Pernicious Pickling Co

pickel2Pernicious Pickling Co, a delicious brand that serves up a variety of canned goods, is a perfect addition to your summer cookouts. Owners, Kendra and Baron, brought their best pickling recipes from Mississippi and England to Costa Mesa, California in October 2013.

pickle4They launched in Whole Foods Market’s Specialty Department the following year in 2014, and they introduced 10 varieties of pickled vegetables. Their pickles range from a tangy, Garlic Dill Pickles: Classic with a Punch to Extra-Spicy Pickles: Habanero Hotties. Depending on the burger you whip up, these would only add to its delicious-ness! From there they have Fashionably Dill Red Beets, Sweet Hurry Curry Cauliflower, Ginger and Spice Carrots, Sweet N’ Sour Red Onions, and Lean N’ Mean Beans. Pile those onions on, please!

They are priced at $9.99 a pop for each 16oz jar, and also have a shelf life for about 1 year, so you don’t have to worry about the expiration. So whether you are using them in drinks or to top off your latest, original burger creation, then you are sure to wow your family and friends! Click HERE for more information on their products and recipes.

Pernicious’ canned goods are also featured in signature drinks like The Pickled Surfer, because like their motto states, “Pickles ain’t just for sandwiches!” Take advantage of the summer and enjoy!


Written by Lani Maddox