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Fashion: Printed Shorts for Summer!

As the weather continues to get warmer, jeans shorts don’t seem to do the trick anymore. Printed shorts are the perfect alternative to all your summer plans. They can keep you cool and stylish all summer with their up-beat patterns.

Printed shorts can be more versatile than jeans themselves (yes, I said it!). They offer flare and style that jeans can never offer. From a night on the town to running errands, these shorts are a summer must wear!

Finding ways to wear these outspoken shorts can be difficult, however they pair with almost everything in your closet.

prints shorts1Casual

Throw on your favorite t-shirt or tank top and make your outfit explode with printed shorts. Your everyday wear can now come to life with fun patterns. Just simply throw on sandals or canvas shoes and rock this look!

Dress Things Up
Who said you can’t wear a blazer with some shorts? This is the ideal combination for a day at the office or a nice dinner. You’ll be the talk of the office with your fun mix of color.

night outNight on the Town
Tired on wearing dresses that reveal too much when you walk? Try printed shorts this Friday night instead. We love this look from Pumps and Iron! Put on a solid color blouse and some statement heels to make a lively night!



Written by Stacy Shrader

Summer Wedding Style

Prepare yourself, wedding season is just around the corner and you know what that means… your mailbox is about to get stuffed with invitations. Whether you’re just going for the party or you’re going because you’ve been friends for ages, we have your go-to advice on what to wear!

First, do a once over on the invitation for a specified dress code. This is usually at the bottom of the invitation or sometimes even on a separate card. If you don’t see a requested attire listed, then you can go by the time of day for which the wedding is scheduled. The later in the day, the more formal the occasion! If it’s a noon wedding, it’s assumed it’s going to be casual unless otherwise noted. However, if it’s 5 o’ clock or later it’s considered a formal wedding. Or, if the dress code isn’t listed and you’re just not comfortable assuming what the couple wants, ask!

Now, you know what the dress code is but, what on earth does it mean?! Calm down, we got you covered. White tie is the most formal dress code that you’ll see. This means that men should be wearing a tailcoat, white vest, white bow tie, and white shirt. For the ladies this means a floor length ball gown. You don’t see this dress code very often any more, but you never know!

Black tie is what you are more likely to see for a formal wedding. A dark colored floor length gown or formal cocktail dress is appropriate for the ladies, while the fellas should be dressed in black tuxedos with a black bow tie. Formal attire, or evening attire, is usually requested for a wedding that takes place in the evening, but is less formal than a black tie wedding. Dressy separates for the ladies are totally acceptable for a formal attire wedding! The men in attendance should wear a dark suit with a conservative tie.

Lastly, casual is what you would see for an afternoon wedding or an outdoor wedding. This is also what you would most likely wear to those ever-popular barn weddings. Casual for men means a button down shirt with khaki colored slacks. A sports jacket is optional for these occasions! Ladies, this is your chance to debut one of those sundresses you bought on sale last fall!

However, no matter the dress code, be sure to dress in a way to keep all of the attention on the newlyweds! This means leave your white dresses, light-up bow ties, red gowns (yep, red too!), and feather boas at home! Pay attention, ask questions, and raise a toast to the married couple on their big night!

Written by Kathleen Duffy

Shine Bright for Holiday Parties!

Every year we spend far too much money on the perfect holiday attire and makeup only for it to never be used again. Ladies, it’s time to stop the madness. Let us help you find a few great staples, not only for the holidays, but for the entire year!

Start with the foundation of your outfit. Finding the perfect holiday dress is almost as difficult as shopping for the hardest person to buy for on your list. You want something that makes a great impression and looks festive without making you look like your host’s Christmas tree.

PPOkOz478maovgI6jBCs1C32rGE-DuuzcHe-xLymeiQIn a sea of red, green, silver, and gold, make yourself stand out from the crowd in one of Lilly Pulitzer’s gorgeous dresses. There is a wide selection available at Punch Boutique in Roanoke! Our favorite LP is the Rylee Lace Shift dress in blue. For those of us who stay away from traditional holiday colors throughout the year, it can be worn again for New Year’s celebrations, Valentine’s Day, and even a mid-summer party.

Accent your look with shiny accessories that will help you light up the room. Your shoes are the most important part! Those of you who are comfortable in heels, we salute you. In our office, however, we cannot live without a great pair of flats. If you are going to be standing on your feet for hours on end, consider investing in a silver pair of Tieks Ballet Flats. Yes, they will be more expensive than the strappy silver heels you’ve contemplated purchasing for the last few weeks, but they will be far more comfortable. Also, you are more likely to wear them throughout the year.

Now, let’s talk hair and makeup.

Some of the most gorgeous looks are stunningly simple. Our must have cosmetics for the holiday season include:

8VQcI968UUBUc-xyolOa6PpWVfCS_RTYCipZcYkG3QIMoodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ mascara by Younique
You don’t want to be applying and reapplying fake lashes all night. As the weather gets colder, your eyes are more likely to water. Slowly but surely, the glue that holds your eye’s equivalent of Cinderella’s glass slipper begins to disappear. Don’t depend on all of the stars aligning to keep your lashes from looking like they are trying to escape. Use a mascara you can depend on to elongate your lashes and stay put for your celebration. You can use it for three months and is far less expensive than investing in extensions.
Naked Lunch eyeshadow by MAC
While everyone else is dusting their eyes with white eyeshadow, give this slightly pink shade a try. It works with the natural hues in your skin (whether you are pale like many of the people in our office or you have a darker complexion) to give your eyes and your overall face a warm and healthy glow. Pair it with a grey or brown shade on the outer edges of your eye and your favorite liquid eyeliner for the ever popular smokey eye.

vl69AprLvJcp3kjmVdcElk040M0D6AjOiUI8-fjoiNEAveda Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisturizer (broad spectrum SPF 15)
Cheap foundation from the drug store isn’t going to give your skin that lovely holiday glow you desire for all of your Instagram photos. We love this tinted moisturizer from Aveda because it spoils our skin during the cold winter months and it gives our face a sheer, fair tone with a dewy finish. Add just a touch of your favorite bronze or blush to complete the look.

CHI Shine Infusion Spray
If you make one purchase for your hair this year, make it CHI’s Shine Infusion spray. It is the one universal item that should be in every girl’s bathroom. Whether you wear your hair straight or curly, the most important part is that it shines when the light hits it just right. It works great on every hair color and it’s relatively inexpensive.

Most importantly, the more simple you can keep your holiday look, the less stress you will encounter preparing for the event and touching up your outfit, hair, and makeup throughout the night. The holidays are about enjoying yourself and spending time with the people you love, not looking “perfect.” Let the light within you be the brightest thing that shines through, and you are guaranteed to make a great impression every time.

The Dress

dressI am absolutely fascinated by this debate. The very idea that news organizations and celebrities have joined this trending conversation, emphatically claiming that the garment in question is either blue or black or gold or white (or any other combination of colors) is a little disappointing on the surface. Do we not have more important things to talk about? 
Then, you slowly find yourself getting drawn into the discussion. Sure, it looks white and gold— even Anna Kendrick says so. But there are photos floating around that PROVE it is black and blue. And then some crazy person on Reddit swears it’s fuchsia. Before you know it, you have wasted hours asking all of your friends what color they see and reposting your emphatic opinion that it HAS to be white and gold or the universe doesn’t make sense. 
So now, I hope you will forgive me, but I have to be THAT person who insists that there is something more to this debate than the color of a dress. 
It reminds me of another trending story regarding Tammy Meyers, a 44-year-old mother who was shot and killed in her driveway on February 12. 
When the case was originally reported, Tammy was said to have been gunned down as the result of an incident that occurred on the road. Early on, we were led to believe that the gunman followed Tammy home and, in a fit of extreme road rage, shot her in her driveway. 
My news feed began to fill with people debating road rage and how scary the thought is that someone you flip off at an intersection might snap and follow you to your home— a complete stranger might actually take your life because you expressed frustration at their choices behind the wheel. People I knew who talked about the story would say things like, “This is why I need a concealed carry permit.”
Then, new details started to emerge. Reporters began saying that Tammy actually knew the victim. Now there are rumors about a prescription drug deal gone bad, and the details of what happened to Tammy and her family that day continue to get more convoluted as they are passed around the internet like a hot potato. But there are still people who say this story is about road rage– even though evidence has emerged to the contrary. Suddenly we are all involved in a situation that, if we are being honest, is none of our business. We share Facebook updates and retweet things without checking the facts. It’s kind of scary when you think about it.
And, I’m sure at this point you are wondering what this has to do exactly with the now famous Tumblr dress. 
Here’s the thing: the internet is a wonderful place to connect with people. We interact and learn from one another every day— but there is a dark side. And the very fabric of that dark side is in the gold and white (black and blue) dress that you have spent hours trying to decode. The point may not actually be that the dress is one group of colors but that it has the potential to LOOK like something else from another point of view— and that the only people that know the true colors of the dress are those who have actually seen it in person—not some potentially doctored image on a computer screen. A Huffington Post’s writer’s firm belief that the dress is blue and black should not change what you see. Anna Kendrick’s emphatic statement that the dress has to be white and gold should not sway you either. Remember the old adage about opinions? Everyone has one— and until we actually know the truth, a difference in opinion doesn’t make someone wrong. An inability to discuss or accept that difference like adults, however, is something else entirely.
And, here’s the more likely scenario— perhaps the point was to get more followers on a Tumblr or Facebook page. Either way, I think it is fair to say that some of us are missing the bigger picture. 
Finally, I’m not going to weigh in on either side of this debate. I haven’t seen the dress in person, but I’m sure we will all see it on Good Morning America (or some other equally popular newscast) soon because they will have to weigh in on its deceptive color scheme. It’s segment will be right between someone calling Obama a terrorist and the latest report on Bobbi Kristina Brown’s health. 
In the meantime, I have to admit that watching people swear what they see is right and everyone else is “ignorant” or “blind” is honestly kind of breaking my little hippie heart. However, in some sad way, I am used to it— and I don’t think it is going to stop any time soon.