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Warm and Cozy Winter Nights

Looking for a fun way to get through these cold nights? Never fear! Our new intern, Lilith, shared a few of her favorite winter night activities with us. Check them out below!

  • Make some tea or hot cocoa and then bring out the board games! A board game night is a good way to hang out with a large or small group of friends and include everyone in something. My friends and I love this activity! Over the summer, we collected some of our favorite board and card games; now at least once a week we like to get together and get a little competitive. I know it might seem lame at first, but it can lead to fantastic memories and is an easy way to spend a night with friends that doesn’t have to include trekking out into the cold weather. Some of our favorites to play are Clue, Ultimate Werewolf, and Cards Against Humanity.  SIDE NOTE: Get a little adventurous and see if there’s a Dungeons and Dragons group in your area!
  • This one is classic! Binge watch Game of Thrones or put on Moana, either way just make sure you grab your closet friends. Start the movie, order a pizza, pop some popcorn, and curl up on the nearest couch for a lazy night. Too basic? Try out a new baking recipe to have a treat while you watch your favorite movies! You’ll need something sweet to balance out the pizza and popcorn anyway!
  • With the cold weather drying out my skin, I think this is a very beneficial and fun way to spend a winter night! Try your local drug store for some premade face masks. Or if you want to get more creative, make your own for a little DIY action. Want more? Try doing nail art! Any drug store will have plenty of nail polish and nail tools. Get adventurous! Combine all this with a sappy romance movie or put on some good music and you have yourself a winter night well spent. Perfect for hanging out with friends or a relaxing night in by yourself!!

P.S. We hear that wintry weather may be returning next week, Bella girls! So stock up now, and be prepared for a fun, safe time indoors with family and friends.


Written by Lilith Turman

10 Ways to Say No to Dry Winter Skin

dry skinWinter is already the pits, am I right? Depending on where you live, it can be cold, rainy, stormy, snowy or perma-dry. And although we often associate winter with wet conditions, the amount of moisture in the air during the cold months is usually lower, resulting in drier skin than at other times of year.

Maybe you’ve noticed. If your skin is peeling, cracking, flaking, chapped, red or itchy, you probably have some dry skin. Unfortunately, no one is safe, not even people with normal or oily skin. Luckily, you can take steps to protect your complexion year round, including in winter.

The infographic offered by Pureskintone.com lays out ten excellent ways to keep skin in topnotch shape. First, resist the temptation to torch yourself in the shower and keep your home at jungle temperatures. While it feels good, it’s terrible for your skin. Lower temperatures to preserve your body’s natural hydration.

When out and about, protect yourself from the elements with sun block and gloves. At home, sub out harsh products for mild, milk-like cleansers, moisturizing masks and gentle soaps. Avoid washing unless you have to, exfoliate once a week, and reapply moisturizer to hands, face and body after every wash. If nothing works, set up an appointment with a dermatologist to decide next steps.

Written by Chelsea Mason