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Living Fearlessly

Fearless. It’s a beautiful word that implies fewer limitations, more opportunities, and a life full of adventure. Yet, so often fear keeps us from pursuing the things that make us happy—including something as simple as going out with friends on a Friday night.

That’s why Fearless by Logan Doughty is so important.

Written as “A Woman’s Guide to Personal Self Protection,” Fearless is about creating a lifestyle, of which only a portion is physical self defense. It’s about being proactive, lowering unhealthy levels of anxiety, and deescalating conflict.

“When I look at self defense as my only tool, that’s missing the point,” explains Doughty. “Think creatively. If this is going south, I’m going to start moving before it goes too far south.”

The ten principles Doughty promotes can be broken down into three categories: physical, mental, and environmental preparation. Instead of letting your low grade anxiety keep you living in the dark, let it motivate you to act in a way that is healthy for your lifestyle.

For example, when you move into a new apartment, ask your landlord for permission to change the locks on your door to make sure you know who has a copy of every key. Run through scenarios in situations that make you fearful to determine how you will overcome an attacker and get away. Carry pepper spray, and know how to use it.

Doughty decided to publish Fearless as an extension of the classes he offers on Personal Self Protection. It began as a quick way to reach those who may not be able to attend a class. The goal is not only to reach more people, but to provide more relatable content.

“The people who are assaulted are not Mixed Martial Arts experts. I’ve seen classes that are ridiculous. Just because someone is a weight-lifting fighter, doesn’t make them a great self defense instructor,” he says.

Fighting skills are personal, and too often, perishable. If you aren’t using them on a daily basis, it can be easy to forget them. However, establishing a routine that uses your principles can prove invaluable in situations after certain defense moves are long forgotten.

Doughty also talks about how to use weapons like pepper spray and stun guns.

“Really, you’re safer now than you’ve ever been. However, we are more anxious than we’ve ever been. The solution is not in the fighting. It’s only a tiny part of the solution,” he explains. “I look at these situations like they’re problems to be solved. If I don’t run around like everything is going to fall apart at any moment, then I’m not going to fall apart.”

Learning how to trust your instincts and your abilities is the first step in cultivating your fearless lifestyle. If you are interested in taking one of Doughty’s Personal Self Protection classes, or in purchasing his new book, Fearless, visit his website: www.pspqualified.com.

Join us for a Lunch & Learn with Logan Doughty on Thursday, April 13 from 12:15-1. Logan will be discussing a few techniques and his new book! Bring your own lunch, and let us know you’re coming by emailing editorial@beckmediagroup.com!

Fearless Release Party

We are excited to sponsor the official release party for Fearless–A Woman’s Guide to Self Protection by Logan Doughty at Parkway Brewing Company on Sunday, Marcy 26!

The event will begin at 4 pm, and will feature the author Logan Doughty, also owner and instructor at Personal Self Protection LLC.
Guests can use this opportunity to participate in a question and answer session on Personal Self Protection, promotions throughout the evening, raffle drawings, and more!

Those who purchase Fearless will receive their own SABRE pepper spray, and can have the book signed while they are there. Foster Burton, lead singer of Mad Iguanas, and Teresa Berry, of SARA Roanoke, will also be in attendance.

There is no cover charge for this event. RSVP on Facebook, and let us know you are coming!