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Fall in Love with Magnolia Home at Grand!

As we declutter and redecorate our homes this fall, we can’t help but notice that something is missing. There are things that need to be updated and replaced. It is time that our furniture reflects our new minimalist values with a touch of elegance. This realization couldn’t come at a better time—as Grand Home Furnishings now offers a variety of pieces from the Magnolia Home collection by Joanna Gaines.

joanna_pailMost of us know Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper, a show she hosts with her husband, Chip. Together, they renovate homes for families and reveal the true beauty of each family’s story through the very walls in which they live. So, it is no surprise that her Magnolia Home collection reflects the same values and mission that you see within these renovation projects. With that in mind, if you haven’t had the chance to preview some of these pieces for yourself, be ready to fall in love.

The traditional dining set in this collection is a statement piece that will become a staple in your family memories and traditions. Not only that, guests will remember it for years to come. The combination of colors and materials will help pull lighter shades from your walls and decorations to open up the room, while darker colors add just enough accent to set it apart.

french_inspired_youth_bedroomrsHowever, don’t just limit yourself to changing up the dining room. Gaines has thoughtfully designed six furniture categories that portray her well-loved style: boho, farm, French-inspired and French youth, industrial, primitive, and traditional. And the best part? Grand Home Furnishings will carry pieces from EACH of these categories! They will include dining room, living room, bedroom, youth bedroom, accent pieces, storage pieces, and even an accessory line. You may just find yourself redecorating your entire home before the holidays. The good news is, you won’t be the only one—and these are purchases that you will cherish and use for years to come. After all, your home is the space where you come to unwind. Realistically, it is your most important investment.

“Home is the most important place,” explains Gaines. “My passion is to help people create beautiful and meaningful spaces in their home. This isn’t just about designing furniture, this is about creating timeless pieces that help tell your home story.”

Of course, you may be thinking that every home’s story is different—and you are right. Every family’s history is unique in its own right, but every once in a while you find collections like this that can capture those beautiful nuances and reflect them for generations. Magnolia Home characterizes a design style that appreciates the uniqueness of vintage elements and creatively combines them in a simple and fresh way that is family-friendly and comfortably livable. That is something to which we can all relate.

The Magnolia Home collection is now available in all Grand Home Furnishings locations (except Summerville and Bristol). You can find more information on their location and the collection by visiting www.grandhomefurnishings.com. Also, visit www.magnoliamarket.com to learn more about Joanna Gaines, her family, and the new season of her show!

Grand Home Furnishings Gives Back

As consumers, nothing is more important than shopping with organizations that give back to our community. With large purchases like furniture, that sentiment is even more important. That’s why we were thrilled to hear that Grand Home Furnishings and Tempur-Pedic International will donate 130 mattresses to Take My Hand Ministries at Highland Heights Baptist Church in Rustburg on July 14.

901239_10151365570487624_317201327_oThe wheels were set in motion for this event when Tempur-Pedic International offered Grand Home Furnishings a substantial quantity of mattresses for donation to an area organization. Grand chose Take My Hand Ministries, a mission of Hyland Heights Baptist Church, because of the valuable work the church has done within the greater Lynchburg area. Their program provides home furnishings and numerous referral and counseling services to families in need.

Additionally, they help with utility bills, give out information and referrals to shelters and housing, mattresses, and household goods. The ministry provides referrals to agencies that help those with disabilities, home delivered hot meals, adult day care, and home heath care as well as referrals to free dental and eye glass clinics.

For more information on Take My Hand Ministries, please visit www.hhbc.net. To find the closest Grand Home Furnishings location to you (or to find out how to purchase your own Tempur-Pedic mattress!), go to www.grandhomefurnishings.com.

Introducing Emily!

Our new intern, Emily McCaul, will be with us for the duration of the upcoming summer. We are very excited to have her! Learn all about Emily, in her own words, from her sophomore year reflections below.

This past year at Virginia Tech was one filled with unthinkable opportunities, spontaneous travels, belly-hollowing fits of laughter, and tragically normal nights of Netflix-watching – because yes, Michael Scott truly is the man. Every day was different, sometimes stressful, yet always there were opportunities provided to smile with friends, drink good coffee, and contribute to a conversation with substance. It was a year of many firsts, some enjoyable, others less-than-bearable, but overall, it was a year of self-discovery.

In addition to my busy schedule as a sophomore at Virginia Tech with a double major in multimedia journalism and creative writing, I had a variety of experiences this year that contributed to my personal growth including:

I moved into my first apartment.

IMG_1303I received my first DSLR camera (it was a Canon, for some saucy specification and standard imagery), then my first tripod, and then my own Tascam recorder. And wow – had I ever truly felt like a journalist before that moment? It was questionable.

I covered a concert for Brad Paisley, Jenny & Tyler, and (my third concert for) Juxtaposition, one of the all-male, award-winning a cappella groups of Virginia Tech – the group is incredibly gifted, and I did shamelessly cry during their rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

I also cried from stress, from heartache and from finals this year; I’m a college girl with a lot on her plate, like many of my other classmates, so I tell myself it’s justified.

I survived finals, aided by my lovely friends from Starbucks, Keurig, Mill Mountain, EspressOasis, Bollo’s and Dunkin’ Donuts. Also, before you ask, yes, I do take coffee with my coffee.

I snapplaused to poetry in a safe place, and yes, I did love it.

IMG_3548I experienced New York City at Christmas, standing on top of Rockefeller Center in the middle of the night, with my sister and best friend.

I screamed over the madness that was a near upset in Met Life Stadium, four days before Christmas, as the undefeated Panthers nabbed three (unbelievable) points in overtime over the New York Giants – still cringing.

I applied for an internship with The New York Times during the first round of finals weeks, and two days later received an interview, then an offer to join the team as Virginia Tech’s Collegiate Representative.

I discovered a budding love for videography, which I fed through the creation of multiple, amateur videos of friends and promotional footage for the Times.

IMG_5334I learned to make time for the friendships that meant something to me, and without anticipating it, met a few new friends in the process.

I wrote an article that went viral over the time span of one weekend. It was about Disney Channel. I was not ashamed.

I got a bad hair cut, on a whim, and cried before reaching the car. I’ve since grown out the bad haircut, and it’s okay now.

I rode on a bus for 14 hours to Panama City where I got to play with steel wool on the beach at night, feet sinking into the sand, laughing into the warmth of the sparks, and tucking away the memory for future story telling.

I interviewed Paula Deen in Roanoke when she visited to promote her new furniture line at Grand Home Furnishings. She was incredibly sweet, and I was given the opportunity to share the story of how she overcame her struggle with agoraphobia.

I interviewed the New York Times’ best selling author, critically-acclaimed poet, Grammy nominee, and Virginia Tech professor, Nikki Giovanni, whose humble words of encouragement will forever imprint a perspective upon me I hope to share with others.

IMG_2483I met a boy in line at a coffee shop one night, impromptu and unexpected, who ended up sitting down and talking with me until the shop closed at midnight. That boy is now my boyfriend, and he is incredible.

I witnessed Elton John live in concert, belting out the high-pitched lyrics to Benny and the Jets with hundreds of other women.

I went kayaking for a few hours during the second round of finals week with my best friends, and it was one of the best few hours of my sophomore year.

I consumed far too many caramel cheesecake milkshakes from Cookout.

I watched my best friend graduate from Virginia Tech this spring, pick up her diploma, and hug me through tears and the daunting, ringing thought of ‘….wow, this is real, isn’t it?’

I received a phone call from a starstruck little sister who was named the valedictorian of her high school, of whom I am incredibly proud and look forward to attending school with next year at Virginia Tech, as a freshman in engineering.

IMG_3443And finally, this year I decided I was going to fulfill my dream of becoming a writer in New York City, who is proud of her work, changing lives for the better, and bringing a voice to the profound and voiceless people of today.

That’s what I did this year. It was a year of many firsts, some enjoyable, others less-than-bearable, but overall, it was a year of adventurous and unexpected self-discovery!

Stay tuned for more articles and memorable adventures from Emily this summer!