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Calling All Makeup Gurus!

Hi Bella girls! As you know, makeup is quite pricy but you’ve got to have it. When I find that I’m running low, I just hope that I don’t run out of more than one product at a time.

That’s where ColourPop comes to the rescue. A unique cosmetic line, the company was born and raised in LA, the City of Angels where fashion is everything! They specialize in fancy, yet affordable makeup that provides a quality formula that looks great without breaking the bank.

After checking out what their entire site had to offer, I chose the In Bloom box that runs for about $39. If you know makeup then you know Jamie Greenburg, and the box she has put together is awesome! Inside it includes three shades of Super Shock Cheek (blush!) that comes in Double Dip, Hysterical, and Tongue Tied. She provides tips and tricks on how to achieve the best look, including mixing and application. Also enclosed are three Lippie Stix that come in creamy colors like Frenemie, Freshman, and Sweet Thing, which range from a matte finish to a hyper glossy finish.

The founders at ColourPop are really interested in feedback from their customers, and they welcome ideas for shades! They stay on top of the game, skimming YouTube and even the booming fashion industry, to provide the best looks to people like you and me.
Be sure to check out their website if you are interested in the box that I selected! Also, if you are looking for tips and tricks to perfect your look, I recommend checking out Jamie’s Facebook page. Have fun!

Written by Lani Maddox