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Valentine’s Day Style

If you’re still looking for the perfect outfit to catch the attention of your significant other this Valentine’s Day, look no further than these fun ideas! Turn heads in this red statement dress, paired with gold love-struck heart earrings, scalloped black flats, and a chic hair accessory to match!

Modcloth Dress A red dress for Valentine’s Day is nice, but add a couple of subtle accent colors to the bottom and you have something you can wear all year! You can find this one here!

earringsAccent your dress with a cute pair of earrings from ModCloth!



sam edelman Augusta flatsHeels are cute, but flats are our best friends! Check out these comfortable staples from Samedelman!

Goody headbandAdd a headband from Goody to complete your look! They offer several sparkling, dressy options. However, you can never go wrong with plain black!

No matter what style you choose, we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with special moments shared by loved ones!

Written by Kathleen Duffy

Go Red for Women: Friday, Feb 6!

aha1Ninety percent of women have one or more risk factors for heart disease or stroke. To put this in perspective, think of ten women that you know. Nine of them have risk factors that could hospitalize or even kill them—and they may not even know it.
So many of us go through our everyday lives without stopping to consider what certain symptoms are trying to tell us. Women and men alike (especially parents) put the concerns of their family first. Some women even experience chest pain and put off a visit to the hospital in order to finish errands. We simply do not think that something so serious could impact us. Certainly a heart attack or stroke would have the courtesy to schedule an appointment in our planner.
Unfortunately, such medical catastrophes do not wait until it is convenient for us to go to the doctor.
Heart attacks can also be more difficult to identify for women than men. Sarah Fedele, Communications and Marketing Director for the American Heart Association, explains that this could be the reason that fewer women than men survive their first heart attack.
“Though this continues to be researched, one explanation is the vastly different warning signs that women can experience,” says Fedele. “Men often present with pressure in the chest—but women are somewhat more likely to present with more of the less common symptoms such as shortness of breath, jaw pain, nausea, back pain, and vomiting. I have heard women survivors talk of fire in the chest, tightness in the chest, and even of overall flu-like symptoms. The best key we have is for women to know their own bodies and to be their own advocates when they feel that something is not right.”
For your health, and your sanity, now is the time to start making changes in your lifestyle to keep your heart healthy. Of the many people who will experience a heart attack or stroke, EIGHTY percent of those problems could be prevented. With numbers that high, why not improve your quality of life for the chance to avoid an inconvenient hospital stay and, perhaps, a tragedy?
“The American Heart Association recommends that people review the seven different risk factors for heart disease and stroke and start today to work on the one that is most fitting for them, moving that needle toward ideal cardiovascular health,” says Fedele. “They are tied together—for example, when people work on getting more active or eating a heart-healthy diet they will see most of their numbers head toward healthier ranges.”
Fedele also explains that, although four in 10 Americans think they have ideal cardiovascular health. In reality, less than 1% of adults in the United States are in that category. If you are curious about your own cardiovascular health, you can go to www.mylifecheck.org to take a free personal assessment and the American Heart Association will recommend a personalized plan to help you reach your goals.
Join Bella (and millions of others) on February 6, as we recognize National Wear Red Day and do our part to help break barriers against heart disease and stroke. For more information on symptoms, getting healthy, and stories from survivors, visit www.heart.org.

Pick up our February issue for a checklist that will help you determine your risks for getting heart disease.




Lapis Blue: The NEW Color of Valentine’s Day

Written by Breckenridge Charapich

Special holidays often make us wonder, “What on earth should I wear?”  February is the month of romance and love, which includes all things pink and red.   People expect you to dress head to toe in one or both of these colors on Valentine’s Day.  Whether you are styling your date night outfit or a fabulous look for a night on the town with the girls, you want to stand out in a crowd. This year, surprise everyone with a unique outfit combination that is far from expected. For a look that is sure to be remembered, try wearing the color lapis blue. A few shades different from royal blue, it compliments every skin tone and hair color. Although it is eye catching, it is not over the top. Paired correctly, your Valentine’s outfit will look as it should– sexy and put together.  


Instead of adding a red statement piece, try some not so subtle red lips with a lapis blue dress and gorgeous gold heels. The red lips will make heads turn and the blue and gold will cause all eyes to gaze in your direction. Because the color works for everyone, it’s the fit of the top, skirt, or dress that should be the focus. Use subtle detailing to draw attention when the light hits you.  Find a piece with a bit of peplum or even some beading in silver or white. The little details can make any outfit stand out in a crowd.


If by chance you aren’t able to find something with some extra detailing, a statement necklace is always the way to go. Be fearless.  Try something with a little bit more color, like a fun neon necklace, to add some contrast to the outfit. Neon is an unexpected addition to the blue, but will enhance the look you have created. Now that you have some ideas for the perfect outfit, go search your closet.  Better yet, treat yourself to a little shopping trip. Get ready to look fabulous and have fun on Valentine’s Day, no matter what you have planned!