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Staying Active During the Winter

The New Year is here and that means that we are looking for more ways to stay active and stick to our resolutions!

Unfortunately, it also seems like cold weather is officially upon us. If winter is chasing you inside or keeping you from the gym, it is important that you continue to exercise at home. Make your workout something that you look forward to by utilizing equipment that keeps it fun like the SkipFit from Empower Fitness!
SkipFit Out of Package.jpg
A new twist on an old childhood favorite (anyone remember the Skip-It from the 90s?), SkipFit will help you burn calories and enjoy every minute of it. They are also reasonably priced and easy to store, making it a little more attractive than a giant at-home treadmill.

Visit www.empowerfitness.com for more information and to purchase yours today! Don’t forget to pick up our January issue for more great tips on staying active in cold weather!