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Barefoot Bucha

Kombucha is a live, fermented tea that originated in Eurasia approximately 2,000 years ago. Often enjoyed after a meal, it is considered healthful to the digestive system for its probiotic content, amino acids, and active enzymes.

If you are interested in trying this delicious craft beverage, we recommend Barefoot Bucha. Their certified organic kombucha is brewed in Virginia from pure Blue Ridge Mountain water and infused with organic and fair trade ingredients.

imagesFounded in 2010 by husband and wife team Ethan and Kate Zuckerman, Barefoot Bucha believes in good health, sustainable business practices, and the ability to positively impact the world through every day choices.

This mission is best illustrated in their “no waste model.” It is composed of greening measures such as reducing energy consumption, partnering with local delivery companies to minimize distribution impact, and composting brewery waste. They also keg their kombucha and offer it on draft at retail locations and restaurants.

The first time you purchase Barefoot Bucha, you also purchase a refillable bottle that you can reuse at any fountain location. It is a commitment that is worth the effort. In their five years of business, Barefoot Bucha drinkers have saved over 250,000 bottles by using the refillable option!

“Bringing your own bottles is not for everyone, but people who drink our kombucha tend to be really loyal to our model and excited about the positive contribution they are making by reusing their bottles,” says Head Brewer and company owner, Ethan Zuckerman. “We want to inspire our customers to be more conscious consumers, to think about the real impact that their purchasing decisions have in the world.”

Barefoot Bucha offers a variety of flavors including Black Raspberry, Ginger, Bluegrass Bucha, Cherry Root, Cold Brewcha, Kombuchai, and Classic. Visit www.barefootbucha.com for more information on distribution locations and the ingredients that make up each flavor.

Product Spotlight: Eos Chocolates

Catherine von Ruden, the creator of Eos Chocolates, integrates her passion for all things sweet into her chocolate creations. She grew up in Switzerland and developed an interest in Greek Mythology. This interest inspired Catherine to name her company Eos, after the Goddess of Dawn, which is fitting because the product is meant to satisfy chocolate lovers bite-by-bite. She describes her brand as “guiltless pleasure,” which sets her apart from the rest, since dark chocolate is typically the only type of chocolate consumers consider to be healthy.

IMG_1011_B_CROP_largeEos Chocolates represent four different lines of indulgence, including Chocolate Spreads ($11.5), Energy Bars ($2.5), Nibbles ($8), and their signature piece Eos Chocolate Man ($7-10). Each is fair-trade, organic or contains sustainably farmed ingredients.

Nibbles and spreads are made of 70% cocoa to ensure the perfect amount of sweetness while leaving out the unneeded sugar, which leaves you UN-satisfied post indulgence. Energy bars are sweetened with honey and coconut sugar, and also contain organic rolled oats, 100% cocoa nibs, and hemp seeds, which is not only good, but also good for you! As far as the Chocolate Man goes, he comes in dark, milk, and white; and also, he can be enjoyed solid, filled with fruit or creamy ganache. Yum!

Visit www.eoschocolates.com for more information on Catherine and her delightful creations!

Written by Lani Maddox