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Bella Loves: Plum Deluxe Tea Blends!

During the winter days filled with blistering winds and icy chills, a hot drink can go a long way! Treat yourself to quality and delicious choices from Plum Deluxe. Their tea is organic and GMO-free, with no sulfites or artificial chemicals! They also list all of their ingredients online and on the packaging, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.
chocolate-hazelnut-477x477Plum Deluxe emphasizes the importance of “making moments that matter,” and sells around 14 different blends that help achieve that including Mindful Morning (Earl Grey), Chocolate Hazelnut, and a Self­ Care Tea Blend (elderberry & apricot). Currently, their most popular blend is the Reading Nook Blend, a combination of black tea, lavender, rose, and chamomile. With Valentine’s Day arriving soon, the company is even selling Raspberry Cocoa Truffle Tea for the month of February!
Although you can buy a signature blend of your choice, Plum Deluxe also offers ­ for $10 a month ­ a membership with the Organic Tea of the Month club. Each month you would receive an ounce (around 15 to 20 cups) of the monthly tea, along with a sample of another artisan tea, an invitation to their private tea lover’s community online, and free shipping. If you’re not sure you want to commit, try the Tea Tasting Flight for $4, in which you receive two to three samples of blends of your choosing!
In addition, Plum Deluxe runs a blog called The Blend, ­and sells various tea accessories including Orange Blossom Honey Sticks to put in your tea, a Heart & Soul Tea Infuser, and even a Herbal Bath Sachet for relaxation!

Written by Madison Correiro

A Transition from Coffee to Tea

Until recently, I considered myself a dedicated coffee drinker (to put it mildly). From my first cup at age five, to what I hope was my last two weeks ago, I truly appreciated every single sip. Unfortunately, my stomach hasn’t been in complete agreement with my taste buds lately, and I decided to give it up.

To ease myself way from the ridiculous amounts of caffeine I regularly consume, and the warm, comforting taste of coffee, I turned to tea. I’ve never been a hot tea drinker unless I was sick. I knew I needed something that would trick my brain into believing coffee was being consumed, but also a beverage that would be easy on my stomach.

The easiest (and, as it turns out, the best) answer was Chai Diaries— a sustainable business created to uphold and demonstrate the values of “self-realization though daily activities.”

malty-assamTheir Organic Assam: Energy, a black tea, was perfect for my situation. It energizes your body and the theophylline in the tea enters your system slowly, keeping you energized for a longer period of time. Prepare yourself for a strong cup of tea with malt, honey-like character.

In the afternoon, I enjoy their White Champagne Raspberry tea. It contains white tea and safflowers with champagne and raspberry flavors.

Two weeks in and I don’t even miss coffee, but I have fallen in love with tea. Visit www.mychaidiaries.com for more information on Chai Diaries and to purchase these great flavors today.