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National “Thank You” Month

My grandmother always told me that “Thank You” notes were important. She backed up this sentiment by sending them for EVERYTHING. If you gave her flowers on Mother’s Day, she would send a Thank You card. Recently, she even sent one to my husband and I for coming over to make dinner for her and my grandfather.

Inspired by my grandmother, I have always tried to send out timely Thank You notes for every gift, of every size, that I receive. Think about it. When you receive a gift, no matter the monetary value, you are also receiving the gift of someone’s time. The gift giver took time out of their day to think about you, buy something they thought you would like, (maybe) wrap it, and somehow deliver it to you. It is not only disrepectful to neglect to send a thank you note, it can be a little hurtful.

thankyouSo, if you have put off sending Thank You notes for your Holiday gifts– there is still time! It helps to keep blank cards on hand year round, not only for Thank You notes, but for those last minute occasions that you forget. We love Sabrina Soto’s new collection at Michaels. Not only are they inexpensive, their fun patterns make them a sunny reminder of how much you appreciate the person receiving them.

What are you waiting for? Make grandma proud, and celebrate National Thank You Month!