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Women’s March on Washington 2017

As most may have seen, the Women’s March on Washington received a huge turnout on January 21. The aura overflowed with joy and hopefulness for the future. From the moment I stepped off of the buses with my classmates, I knew this march of unity was going to be one of the biggest caliber that we had seen so far in our lifetimes.

During our two hour wait to purchase a metro card, the group surrounding me had a little contest to see who could spot the most creative signs, and there were many! The array consisted of witty, smart, and intricately detailed posters and diagrams. Once on the metro, I had the joy of being with some of the most passionate, joyous people. We broke into our own renditions of “I Will Survive”, “Irreplaceable”, and other empowering songs and chants. People even broke out their instruments like tubas and tambourines. Upon getting to Capitol South, we were so full of excitement that we would’ve liked to move through the crowd quickly to get closer and closer to the stage on Independence Avenue, but it was impossible to fit anyone else in the city. As much room as we would’ve liked to have, we didn’t mind becoming close friends with our neighbors. It was nice to see all types of women coming together in solidarity to better the future for their families and others.

When I first planned on attending the march, I never thought of anyone but women I didn’t know going to support the same causes and necessary changes as I. As the speakers began to filter to the stage, I realized that I was in the presence of not only friends and strangers, but a list of celebrities who came from all over to shed light on the meaning of the day. Scarlett Johansson, Alicia Keys, Maxwell, Madonna, and corporate CEOS of businesses dedicated to women’s wellbeing lifted us up as the rally and march charged on.

Going to this march was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Being a part of the biggest political protest in history was an amazing honor, but won’t be half as great as when our marches turn into too much to ignore, the day a definite change occurs to support the health and well-being of all women, everywhere. I have never felt so full and proud to be a woman in a time like this. It is truly revolutionary.

Again, I extend gratitude to my wonderful school for giving me the opportunity and helping hand in getting to Washington and making a difference.

Written by Zoë Pierson

Women’s March on Washington

As a student of an all women’s university, I have been lifted into a family of strong, bold women who are not easily shut down when working towards a greater cause. Our newest opportunity is the Women’s March on Washington taking place January 21, 2017 from 10am-5pm. Granting us the leisure of buses, anyone can sign up to go. Some plan to attend the march, others will go in support. Even if they feel they aren’t ready for the crowd of people, they can go simply to explore the city. They are giving us this opportunity to expand our horizons, see new places, and make a difference.
People of all backgrounds, gender identities or gender non-conforming, feminists, and ages are welcome. There will be special arrangements and meeting points for the elderly, pregnant women, and those with disabilities or a wheelchair. Our diverse community and familial backgrounds are what makes America the “melting pot” that it is known to be. It is adamant within the official website of the march that every effort to maintain peace and solidarity will be made.
As we have been for years, we are fearful of our future regarding our pay, our everyday safety, our health, and our families. If we continue to let oppressors believe we are easily silenced, they win. It would be wrong to sit back while decisions against our human rights are being made. We are louder as a group, for when people work together for a cause, it induces change.
Feminism shouldn’t be perceived as a “dirty” word, or something masked by a taboo. Being a feminist solely means that you believe in the equality of the sexes. You believe in basic human rights to protect, if not yourself, then your mother, sister, or daughter.
I want the best future for all of the woman in my life, and I want the best opportunities for the women surrounding me in the classroom. I am eternally grateful to have chosen a university that allows me a voice despite opposing political opinions, and that it gives me a chance to express it no matter the circumstances.
More information regarding the march can be found here.


Written by Zoë Pierson