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Chatting with Stephanie from Yarid’s

How long have you been with Yarid’s?
I am in my ninth year. Yarid’s is a fantastic company. 2018 will be our 100th year. I think what is so fantastic is that it is almost impossible to find a small, locally-owned business that’s been open for 100 years. They are obviously doing something right. It’s exciting for me to be part of that.

What impact do you hope to have in the lives of your customers?
Trust is a big deal to me. Sometimes that means you may not get the sale necessarily, but they are going to come back because they trust you and what you’re telling them. We want our customers to go out, represent us in the community, and look good doing it!

What styles are you most excited about for 2018?
Everyone has been excited about 2018. We’ve had a couple of stale years style-wise in my opinion. This year, everything is luxe. Embroidery, velvet, and so many rich fabrics are showing up. Any heel goes. There is not necessarily a height or shape of heel that is more popular. It makes it wearable for everyone.

What do you like to do to give back to the community, and what are the causes closest to your heart?
Animal rescue takes up a large portion of my time. I have found that I really enjoy the hands-on, in the trenches volunteering best. I do media appearances for the SPCA, and I also volunteer with Franklin County Humane Society. I spend most of my time there actually rescuing animals and bringing them into the shelter.  

Do you have a quote that inspires you as a store manager?
“I work hard so my dogs can have a better life.”

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
My mom. She is a breast cancer survivor and she has somehow mastered the “live in the now.” She has the most positive attitude, she’s always having a good time, and she has great style.

Ten Days of Mom: Lollia Gift Basket

Ten Days of Mom: DAY TWO!!!

RELAX COLLECTIONrelax_soap_a_WebCrop

Pamper mom with this amazing giveaway from Yarid’s! There is a theme here! For a total retail value of $119: Lollia Relax foaming bath, Relax Shea Butter Hand Cream, Relax Eau de Parfum, and Relax Shea Butter perfumed soap!

Win this prize and help mom relax through the summer! And, if you don’t win, visit Yarid’s find a perfect gift for Mother’s Day– believe us when we say, they have something for every mom!

Visit our Facebook page for details on how to enter! Good luck!

WIN a Tory Burch Robinson Zip Coin Case!

tory24 Days of Prizes: DAY THIRTEEN!

WHAT?!?! I want to win!!!!

Yarid’s in Roanoke is giving away a gorgeous orange Tory Burch Robinson zip coin case today! This is a gift the winner may want to keep for themselves… and we won’t tell a soul!

Visit our Facebook page for details on how to win! Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the December issue for more information on all of the fantastic prizes you can win this month!